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What are the benefits of retrofit?

Are you worried about your home energy costs and your carbon emissions? Is your home too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter? Retrofit home improvements are a great solution to these problems. Rising energy prices and the climate crisis are a concern for many. Improving our homes is a great first step to making a real difference, for our wallets, our comfort, and the planet.

Homes in the UK are poorly built. Most leak energy through windows, doors and uninsulated walls and roofs, causing people to spend more on wasted energy. A retrofit refers to any home improvement work to improve a buildings energy efficiency. This makes them easier to heat, retain heat for longer and replacing fossil fuels with low carbon options. Making homes more self-sufficient, through measures like insulation and renewable energy, helps to protect against rising energy costs.

With winter approaching, the summer months are the optimum time to consider home improvements in preparation for the colder months ahead. With rumours of further price increases in Autumn, a retrofit can help to protect you from further costs. A home that stays warm and costs less will make it a healthier place for you and your family. Even during summer, a well-insulated home prevents your home from overheating by slowing the flow of heat from outside to inside. So you spend less on fans and aircon to be comfortable during heatwaves.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach for upgrading a home, but there are some key stages for any retrofit journey. Start by thinking about realistic energy-saving behaviours. Then how to improve your home insulation before moving on to larger installations such as solar PV and heat pumps. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Retrofit experts at the Centre for Sustainability (CSE) advise homeowners on the most suitable options for each home, providing the essential order of works and likely costs and disruptions. If you’re already planning home improvement works, seeking advice can help you to include energy efficiency measures simultaneously, reducing disruption.

To help you see what’s achievable, you can watch the series of recorded webinars from the Somerset Green Open Homes. Here, you’ll hear inspiring stories from people who have completed home improvements. They’ll share what they did, the benefits and invite you for a virtual tour of their home.

Are you interested in learning more or booking a retrofit survey? Visit CSE’s Futureproof website for information about how to begin your journey.

And check out our Green Directory to find local Somerset suppliers to help you with your retrofit home improvements.

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